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The next application period will be announced on this website.


For the second year running, we’re calling on innovative startups and early stage businesses with a social mission to apply for our Hero Award for Social Entrepreneurship. Our previous winner, ResQ Club, prevents food waste by enabling consumers to collect surplus food from restaurants, cafes, and grocery stores. Will you be our next social Hero?

Delivery Hero will donate EUR 15,000 to the winning social business, as well as offering coaching from some of our best business and technology experts, and providing access to a large network of potential investors. The exact nature of the support will depend on the specific needs of the selected business. Bring a smart idea with amazing potential, and the appetite to make it work!

Speaking of appetite, we’re looking for startups with a focus on the food and drinks space. As a food delivery company, this is where we excell, and we want to share our knowledge with the winning team and help you become an even more successful business.

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We want to share our success, and support companies that are creating a better future. We believe social entrepreneurs are key players in solving some of today’s important challenges. Drivers of change, they are committed to making a positive impact through business ventures. We are looking for social entrepreneurs that are making an impact in fields like

  • Food production & delivery
  • Food wholesale and retail
  • Sustainable and transparent food supply chain, sustainable packaging in particular
  • Hunger relief
  • Sustainable consumption
  • Sustainable logistics models

However, just convince us of your idea and your entrepreneurial strength – there are no restrictions on your specific goal or project.


An essential part of the Delivery Hero culture is not being afraid of entrepreneurial challenges. We believe that failure and success are intrinsically tied to each other. It’s our belief that the success of Delivery Hero is very much connected to our entrepreneurial spirit and our willingness to take risks. This is the spirit that creates real heroes.

Now we want to take the next step and encourage YOU to become a hero by using innovative business ventures to create positive change.


Applications are now open and you can apply via the form below. Geographically, we limit applications to European companies, to make our support as efficient as possible.

A jury, including our CEO Niklas Östberg, will review your application focusing on following areas:

  • Business Model: Does your company have a scalable business model? Do you have a comprehensive model addressing competitors, revenue, and customer acquisition?
  • Customers: Are you building something that users want? Do you have a deep understanding of your users’ needs?
  • Social & Sustainable : Is your business working to improve the Three P’s: people, planet and profit?
  • Innovation & Impact: How original or unique is your solution? What potential does it have to make an impact in our world?

Once the successful application has been selected, it will be announced early 2019 on this website. The winner will then be invited to participate in a designated mentoring program, run out of our head office in Berlin.

As mentioned above, we’ll donate EUR 15,000 to your business and connect you with a number of mentors and industry experts. This program will be tailor-made, according to your specific needs.

It could be the break that enables you to scale your business and make an even bigger impact. So, if you think you’ve got what it takes, apply today!

Hero Award for Social Entrepreneurship 2018

Terms & Conditions

WHEREAS Delivery Hero SE offers start-ups and early stage businesses in the space of social entrepreneurship with a relation to food, the opportunity to take part in a competition, whereby one Business will be awarded the “Hero Award for Social Entrepreneurship” (“the Competition”).

WHEREAS the Business (as defined in the application form) is represented by one individual (“the Entrepreneur”) who can sign up its Start-Up or Early Stage Business (as defined below).

WHEREAS the Competition is organized and carried out by Delivery Hero SE, having its registered address at Oranienburger Str. 70, 10117 Berlin. Germany (“Delivery Hero”).

Therefore, the Entrepreneur in his own name and in the name of the Business agrees as follows:

  1. .By submitting the application form, he, and the Business, shall participate in the Competition as outlined in these Terms and Conditions.
  2. Only Start-Ups or Early Stage Businesses can participate in the Competition. For the purposes of these Terms & Conditions, a “Start-Up” is a young business which is already registered as a company, and an “Early Stage Business” means a project, which can at least provide a business idea together with a matured business plan, but has not founded a legal entity yet.
  3. Each Business can only be represented by one Entrepreneur. In the event of a jointly owned or striven Business, the Entrepreneur warrants that he/she is authorized by his/her partner(s) to apply for the Competition.
  4. Only a social Business which operates or plans to operate a business that provides a social benefit in relation to food, for instance in the area of Food Production & Delivery, Food Wholesale and Retail, Sustainable or Transparent Food Supply Chain, Hunger Relief or Sustainable Consumption (or similar) is allowed to participate.
  5. In order for the mentoring programme to be successful, a Start-Up would need to have a registered seat in a European Union Member State (“Europe”), and an Early Stage Business would need to be present in Europe in order to participate.
  6. Businesses that employ or are in any manner affiliated with (including by way of ownership or family ties) an employee or in/direct consultant of Delivery Hero or any its affiliated companies, are excluded from the Competition. By submitting the application, the Entrepreneur warrants that neither he/she, nor his/her partner(s) are employees or in/direct consultants of Delivery Hero or its affiliated companies nor are they direct family members of an employee or in/direct consultant of Delivery Hero or its affiliated companies.
  7. Application shall take place by filling out the application form on www.hero-award.comand attach all documents as outlined therein. Delivery Hero may, at its sole discretion, ask for further clarifications, documents or information, such as a business plan, at a later stage. Delivery Hero shall also have the right to request the Business to give a presentation in front of the jury or to fulfill other requirements. Failure to provide such additional information or presentation may result in disqualification.
  8. There shall only be one winner of the “Hero Award for Social Entrepreneurship” who shall be awarded a prize of fifteen thousand euro (EUR 15,000) (the “Prize”). Furthermore, the winner will be invited to participate in a designated mentoring program designed by Delivery Hero or its agents, which shall have duration of app. four weeks. During the mentoring program, the Business or selected members thereof will be coached by Delivery Hero through its business and technology experts, according to a tailor made mentoring plan. Moreover, Delivery Hero may give the winning Business access to its network and establish necessary connections, as it deems fit.
  9. The selection of the jury and the selection of the final winner of the “Hero Award for Social Entrepreneurship” shall be decided at the sole discretion of the jury and Delivery Hero without the need of any justification.
  10. The winner will be announced early 2019 on our website,
  11. The Entrepreneur agrees that Delivery Hero or any of its affiliates shall not bear any taxes, which might apply to the Business due to the monetary award.
  12. Delivery Hero reserves the right to temporarily or permanently discontinue the Competition without prior notice, for any reason, regardless of whether winners have been announced or the mentoring program is still going on. Such discontinuation shall not result in any liability for Delivery Hero or any of its affiliates.
  13. The Entrepreneur agrees to the publication of his/her name and picture, the Business name and Business purpose by Delivery Hero on its website, its social media channels, its internal communication channels and in public newspapers, in the event of winning the Hero Award on Social Entrepreneurship.
  14. The Entrepreneur agrees that the Prize cannot be claimed in front of a court.
  15. These Terms & Conditions shall be regulated by the Laws of the Federal Republic of Germanyand any disputes arising therefrom shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts in Berlin, Germany.
Apply now

Apply now

Please fill in and submit this form by 15 December 2018 latest to apply for the award and our mentoring program. After your initial application we’ll get in touch, giving you the chance to provide more material via email if needed.

Please provide:

  • Contact data
  • A brief description of the problem your business is solving, in max 750 words. Why do you think society would benefit from it? Also, please include why you think you would benefit from participating in our program. If you have already launched your product, please include details of when you launched and a summary of progress to date. If you haven’t yet launched, please explain when you expect to do so and use this opportunity to tell us anything else you think we should know.